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SuperCard DSTWO 3DS - adapter for playing Gameboy Advance games on DSi / N3DS. Also features DivX Player, Mp3, PDF reader and emulators for SNES, PC DOS, MAME and SEGA. This is by far the best R4 3DS flash card on the market with features better than regular R4 3DS, Acekard 2i or CycloDS iEvolution 3DS! Rent the latest GBA - GAMEBOY micro and Nintendo DS games on-line.

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GAMEBOY Micro Accessories


Game Boy micro Wireless Adapter

Please note that only games displaying this icon on their packaging are compatible with the Gameboy Advance or Gameboy micro Wireless Adapter, with the exception of a select few games that were released prior to the Gameboy Advance Wireless Adapter's release (Mario Golf: Advance Tour, and all multiplayer Classic NES games).

Game Boy micro Link Cable

To connect Gameboy micro systems together, you will need the Gameboy micro Link Cable. If you wish to connect the Gameboy micro with a Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Advance SP, the Gameboy micro Link Cable and the Gameboy micro Converter Connector are required.

Game Boy micro Converter Cable

Connecting to a combination of Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Advance SP, and additional Gameboy micros:

Connection type:
With cables (see below)
With Gameboy micro Wireless Adapters
With Cables - Set Up Instructions:

The Gameboy micro Link Cable and Converter Connector are required for this connection and are not currently available. For future availability, check Nintendo's Online Store. Setup instructions for this connection will be available shortly before the availablity of the Gameboy micro Link Cable and Converter Connector.

Game Boy micro Faceplates

Removable faceplates that allow for personalization and serve to protect the high-resolution backlit screen.

Removing the Faceplate: Insert the Faceplate Ejector tool into the ejector holes on the left side of the Gameboy micro. Remove the faceplate. (If you no longer have the Faceplate Ejector tool, you can use the end of a paperclip. Avoid using anything that may break and leave debris lodged in the micro.)


Replacing the Faceplate: Insert the tabs on the right end of the faceplate into the slots on the inside of the Gameboy micro and snap the left end of the faceplate into place (see below).


Nintendo GameCube Gameboy Player

For playing Gameboy Advance games on a big TV screen

Micro ONLY accessories








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