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SuperCard DSTWO 3DS - adapter for playing Gameboy Advance games on DSi / N3DS. Also features DivX Player, Mp3, PDF reader and emulators for SNES, PC DOS, MAME and SEGA. This is by far the best R4 3DS flash card on the market with features better than regular R4 3DS, Acekard 2i or CycloDS iEvolution 3DS! Rent the latest GBA - GAMEBOY micro and Nintendo DS games on-line.

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Pomemon Micro Faceplate Special

Nintendo has unveiled a new version of the Gameboy Micro Faceplate for the Japanese market. Set to be available in limited quantities and for a limited time exclusively at the Pokemon Center is the Gameboy Micro Pokemon Version. This version of the Micro features a red back and black front faceplate, with a silhouette of Pikachu above the B button.

The Pokemon style Micro available starting 11/17, with pre-orders starting 10/20. Nintendo only plans on releasing this unit in Japan, but we encourage Pokemon lovers to contact their representatives and demand a stateside release.

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GAMEBOY micro Faceplates

Some more Gameboy Micro Faceplates from NINTENDO JAPAN can be found here >

It is planed that you will be able to buy new Micro faceplates separately as well as receive special edition game faceplates packaged together with game cartridges. Creating and ordering custom faceplates online will also be possible in the near future.

In addiction to changing the way your Gameboy Micro looks Faceplates also serve to protect the LCD screen of the console. If the console gets scratched you can simply snap on a new cover and it will be as good as new.

In Japan Micro is available in silver, purple, black and blue, with a fifth "limited edition" design in the color of the once-popular Famicom game console aimed at attracting adults who played with the Famicom as children in the 1980s.

micro famicom

Gameboy Micro Japanese Nintendo FAMICOM edition.

In the United States and Canada the GBM unit comes in a black color, with reflective A, B, and shoulder buttons, and includes three faceplates with the following designs: a Flame pattern, a Camouflage design, and a simple silver color. Also includes an AC adapter and a pouch. And silver color, three faceplates with the following designs: an Ammonite design (a black background with translucent blue swirls), a Ladybug Design, and a simple black color.

Banpresto announces Micro faceplate giveaway Super Robot-themed faceplates for Game Boy Micro will be first produced by a third-party publisher in Japan. TOKYO Banpresto has announced its collaboration with Nintendo to give away free Gameboy Micro faceplates as a promotional contest for the upcoming Gameboy Advance game Super Robot Taisen J. The company is the first third-party publisher to produce a faceplate for the Gameboy Micro. From September 13 to October 31, gamers that purchase GBM and Banpresto's mech strategy game can input their product serial numbers at Club Nintendo's official Japanese Web site. 10,000 winners will receive an original Super Robot Taisen J themed faceplate.



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