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SuperCard DSTWO 3DS - adapter for playing Gameboy Advance games on DSi / N3DS. Also features DivX Player, Mp3, PDF reader and emulators for SNES, PC DOS, MAME and SEGA. This is by far the best R4 3DS flash card on the market with features better than regular R4 3DS, Acekard 2i or CycloDS iEvolution 3DS! Rent the latest GBA - GAMEBOY micro and Nintendo DS games on-line.

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GAMEBOY Micro Flash Linker GBA Copier

Micro - the most portable Gameboy hardware yet - will play all the GBA SP = Gameboy ADVANCE games and so it will be compatible with GBA Flash Cards and Gameboy Flash Linkers

What is a GBA / NDS Flash Linker?
A flash linker is a device that connects to the PC USB port and lets you backup / dump GBA / NDS games to flash carts. It can also be used to download GBA / NDS games on the PC from Nintendo catridges. The purpose of having a flash linker is to backup your original roms from your original catridges on to your PC togather with GameSvaes. This allows you to edit GameSaves, add sheats and hack ROMS.

gamebo micro flash linker

Is there a universal GBA / SP / NDS / Micro backup device?
Yes there is - NeoFlash 3in1 that can backup Nintendo DS (NDS roms) Gameboy Advance = GBA SP = GB Micro (GBA roms) as well as directly support text files TXT / HTML, image files like JPG / GIF / BMP / PNG and emulated roms NES / SEGA Game Gera / PC Engine / Game Boy classic. More info at Neo Flash Nds Linker and NeoFlash Review

neo flash set

Are there any more Gameboy Micro compatible Flash Linkers and Cards?
Yes! There are many more: GBA X-ROM 512Mb, Flash2Advance, G6Flash & PassKey, F2A Ultra, EZflash, EZ2 PowerStar, EZ3, XGflash 2, XG2 Turbo, XG2 PRO ZIP, G6flash and G6 Flash version 2 and 3, EZF Advance, EZFA, XGflash2 2005 Slim Loader III, QBoy and QBus are just some of the most popular ones. More at