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SuperCard DSTWO 3DS - adapter for playing Gameboy Advance games on DSi / N3DS. Also features DivX Player, Mp3, PDF reader and emulators for SNES, PC DOS, MAME and SEGA. This is by far the best R4 3DS flash card on the market with features better than regular R4 3DS, Acekard 2i or CycloDS iEvolution 3DS! Rent the latest GBA - GAMEBOY micro and Nintendo DS games on-line.

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GAMEBOY Micro Technical Specifications

1 Operation button
[ Cruciform button * A button * B button * L button * R button ]
2 Face plate
In the future the face plate of sale schedule by the fact that it replaces, various substance designs can be enjoyed.
3 Liquid crystal picture
It is back light functional equipped transmission type TFT color liquid crystal display of 32000 color indicatory possible 2.0 inches. Brightness of the back light is adjustment possible in 5 stages.
4 Start button * selection button
It is the part which operates the game and also, we have combined the function of the power lamp, illumination of the lamp / with the color which blinks, state of the substance is shown.
5 Speaker
6 Strap hook
It can attach the strap.
7 Cartridge jack
The game boy advance private cartridge is inserted.
8 Electric battery box
The private battery pack is built in.
* Charge time: Approximately 2.5 hours / electric battery duration: Approximately 6 - 10 hour
9 External extended connector
The game boy micro private peripheral device and the game boy micro private AC adapter et cetera are connected.
10 Power switch
11 Headphone connected terminal
The game boy series private headphone (selling separately) and the stereo headphone of marketing is connected.
When connecting the headphone, sound is not audible from the speaker.
12 Faceplate Eject jack
Insert GB Micro Faceplate Ejector Tool (*) inserting in this hole to remove the face plate.
(*) In the future it is the schedule which bundled is done in the face plate which is sold.
13 Volume / back light adjustment switch
Brightness of volume and the back light (5 stages) you adjust.


  • CPU : 32-Bit ARM with embedded memory
  • Memory : 32 Kbyte + 96 Kbyte VRAM (in CPU), 256 Kbyte WRAM (external of CPU)
  • Screen : (diagonal) reflective TFT color LCD
  • Resolution : 240 x 160 pixels
  • Color : Can display 511 simultaneous colors in character mode and 32,768 simultaneous colors in bitmap mode
  • Software : Fully compatible with Gameboy and Gameboy Color Game Paks
GBA and GBA SP Physical Specifications

Gameboy Advance:

Size : Approximately 3.2" height/5.69"width/0.97" depth Weight : Approximately 5 ounces Power : Two AA batteries Battery Life : 15 hours Gameboy Advance SP:

  • Light Source : Front light integrated with LCD
  • Size (closed) : Approximately 3.3" height/3.23" width/0.96" depth
  • Screen (diagonal) reflective TFT color LCD
  • Weight : Approximately 5 ounces
  • Power : Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Life : 10 hours continuous play with light on, 18 hours with light off, 3 hours recharging
  • Hardware colors : Onyx, Flame, Platinum and Cobalt



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